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Windows Server Backup Options in Azure

In this subject, the authorities concerned will look at backup alternatives with Azure. So in a typical on-premises situation, we would you know use Windows Server Backup or some third-party products or even off-site backup. So now that we have the influence of Windows Azure, we are seeking to leverage some of those capabilities to hoist and alter our loadings up into the cloud. So we want to break this down here. We have some different options with Azure Backup and with Azure Backup you know as we announced, you get all the benefits of the high-pitched scalability, it is highly reliable, it is highly assure and all the information is encrypted and this works across a multi-tenant environment.

This can actually solely supplant your on-premises solution that you are using or off-site backup capabilities that you might be doing. To shape this work, there are essentially three steps that you have to do. So you would first of all fixed up nice now a Backup Vault on Azure. Then, you would prepare your make server and in order to do that, you would install Azure Backup Agent and then register that make server with Azure, and then you go through the process of backing up and reinstating the server. In addition to being able to that, you can also leverage and blend this, in fact, the committee is kind of a recommended practice to likewise implement System Center Data Protection Manager or SCDPM and when you do this, you can then build and exam new apps utilizing the latest SQL Windows versions.

>> So one of the things Mark that I see a lot of clients that start to go down this direction of using Azure Backup and one of the advantages is you know the room and so a lot of periods when enterprises are doing backups, it is not only about doing a backup there on-premises, but we would also have to move that backup off propositions so that in the case provided for of a disaster in that area, we do not lose our data and so this kind of helps that need right. We can replicate this to a known good area in Azure and I think so it “wouldve been” our region in Azure and we could also like geo-replicate that if we wanted to have multiple prints of that vault, but I guess one of the important things that people start to question when they look at this is about the data security or data privacy; exactly.

So one of the large-scale things is about this tool is when you are installing that agent on Windows Server and you are doing these backups, the encryption is not happening in Azure, the encryption actually happens on the client right, so before the data is even sent up to Azure, it has already been encrypted. So the data at rest and inflight actually to Azure has already been encrypted and the keys for that is really down at the client.

So it is a great protection level there to mentions that you know we are storing these things encrypted and you own the keys to those. It is cooked into the product there, but we are not having to do that up on the server where it was possible to potentially manipulated or questioned about how that is actually happening up there. >> And I guess also you can have some options for utilizing PowerShell too right. So if you crave to automate this or script it out, you can do PowerShell to help simplify the process.

Another thing that is a really good benefit is having with an Azure Backup, it has get retention policies you can configure. So that is always good from a business perspective, so you can add that too it as well. So there you have it. That is a brief overview about the topic of backups utilizing Azure Backup.


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