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Protection Service for Business | One-stop IT security solution for modern businesses

We live in a growingly complex digital macrocosm. In the old days you were working with a tightly held bound. In today’s fluid macrocosm, the picture is more complicated. Corporations extend beyond the power, as employees make from dwelling and on the go. More inventions and more software means more attack vectors and vulnerabilities. To solve these challenges, we designed Protection Service for Business specifically for you: the modern IT manager juggling with the changing environments of today’s fast-moving business. With one portal for deployment, management and monitoring, you get total limit over security rights of all your endpoints – computers, mobile inventions and servers – be it Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. To maximize your limited time and resources, we established management and procuring everything as simple as possible. We’ll automatically take care of your daily protection routines, so you can focus on what matters and lends significance to your business. Automatic and fully integrated, our patch handling scans and patches known vulnerabilities in 3rd defendant software, and our machine handling gives you central power over security rights software on all your mobile devices.

With Protection Service for Business you will work with over 25 times of industry-leading invention.  Modern business IT protection calls for clarity and effectiveness. Get all-in-one armour with Protection Service for Business.


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