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Deploying a CRM: on Your Infrastructure or in the Cloud?

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As the numbers for cloud growth continue to rise, companies are still wondering if deploying business applications there is really such a good idea. They worry about losing control of their data or even their cloud applications. And they’re still doubtful that the cloud is all that secure.

It’s time to accept this simple fact: from now on, the majority of IT services will be hosted in the cloud. And CRM is no exception. In 2014, 87% of companies that opted for a CRM solution chose to go to the cloud. What’s interesting about this is that only a few years earlier, the trend was the exact opposite.

So, why would you choose to deploy an application in the cloud? Are there times when it just makes more sense to stick to an on-premises solution? We’ve taken a hard look at these questions. Here’s what we found.

A Simpler and More Rapid Deployment

It’s no secret: building an infrastructure for a CRM system is both complicated and expensive. To begin with, creating a secure infrastructure requires specific technical skills. If you run a company of 10 to 15 employees, it’s highly unlikely you’d have a System Administrator on staff who is specialized in virtualization, security and networking.

Let’s talk about money. Servers and other components for your on-premises infrastructure are pretty expensive. Are you prepared to make that kind of investment?

You also have to maintain your new infrastructure and buy CRM user licences. Add it all up and before you know it, you’ve spent a small fortune!

By choosing a cloud solution, you pay monthly for the number of licences you need (and you can add or subtract licences to suit your needs). This gives you more time to focus on what you do best, which is running your business.

A CRM in the cloud will allow you to concentrate on business and sales procedures that you can use in the system from Day 1. In other words, you won’t have to spend precious time building an infrastructure.

Is an In-house System More Secure?

Here’s a familiar argument: Storing data in the cloud is riskier than keeping it on-premises.


Let’s look at the facts. Cloud providers have teams of certified experts who build their infrastructure on a large scale by following strict procedures. These providers are also audited by third-party organizations. Do you really think that kind of large-scale infrastructure will be less secure than a server built by a single administrator?

Even the most competent System Administrators couldn’t create a more secure infrastructure, even if they had all the money and resources at their disposal to invest in their system’s security.

So, why not trust companies like System Network and Design and Microsoft, who have security experts and host thousands of clients in their datacenters?

It’s easy to think that the cloud is less secure than an on-premises deployment, but it just isn’t true. Find out for yourself. Ask a cloud provider to show you their security certificates. Then, do some research to understand what these certificates actually cover. Only then will you be ready to choose your cloud provider.

Dynamics CRM – Online or On-Prem?

Since System Network and Design offers Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we thought it would be important to take a look at the differences between the on-premises and cloud versions.

By using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, companies can also take advantage of the way it integrates with Office 365. As we wrote in an earlier blog, your users will become more productive and collaborate better on your company’s accounts and sales opportunities.

Something else to consider: CRM Online is 100% mobile. This means your staff can access it from their tablet or smartphone from anywhere at any time. You won’t find this kind of seamless mobility with an on-premises version of Dynamics CRM.

There’s a lot more we could say about these two versions of CRM. If you want more information, you’ll find it here.

Ready to Start?

Are you ready to deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM? It couldn’t be easier! Call us at 1 404-590-17653 to provision your CRM Online account

In just a few minutes, your company can benefit from all the great features CRM has to offer!


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