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Your Companys Most Valuable Assets

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Do You Make These Mistakes With One Of Your Company’s Most Valuable Assets? 

  1.     Are you sick and tired of worrying about the security of your network against the latest spyware, virus, or hacker threat?
  2.   Would you like to have peace of mind knowing that your network is always being watched and secured with the most up-to-date security patches, virus definitions, and firewall settings?
  3.    Are you and your staff too busy to perform the regular maintenance and support your network needs to function properly?

This FREE Report Reveals What EVERY Business Owner Should Know About:

  • Keeping your network safe from viruses, hackers, spam, spyware and other threats.
  • Critical security measures to protect against natural disasters, major system failures, theft and corruption of sensitive data, and even employee sabotage.
  • How to dramatically lower or eliminate expensive computer repair bills.
  • How to get (and keep) your network running lightening fast.

Why Our Clients Have Been Begging Us To
Deliver This New Service…

With the constant changes to technology and the daily development of new threats, even a small, 5-user network requires ongoing maintenance from a highly-trained technician. But obviously the costs of hiring a full-time IT person are not always feasible, even for companies with 20 to 75 workstations. Up until now, you only had two options for computer support:

Protect Your Network Security Free Report

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How To Make Certain These Disasters  Don’t Happen To Your Business

Auto Body Shop Spends $20,000    To Clean Up A Virus

A local auto body shop with multiple locations discovered the importance of preventative maintenance the hard way. Without warning, a virus was downloaded to their server and started replicating and attaching itself to files.

This virus corrupted their data, impaired their customer management system, and immediately brought down their Exchange server (no e-mail could come in or go out). Preventing this disaster would have only cost them 1/25th of the cost ($800 per month) AND they would have experienced better performance and fewer problems with their network.

Instead, they were forced to spend a whopping $20,000 to remove the virus and restore their network, and that only got them back up and running. Their systems were still not optimized, secured, and updated as they should have been. 

 How To Make Certain These Disasters  Don’t Happen To Your Business

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