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What is Wanna Ransomware?

What is Wanna Ransomware?

We are aware of a widespread ransomware attack which is affecting several IT organizations in multiple countries. A new ransomware attack called Wanna (also known as WannaCry, WCry, WanaCrypt, WanaCrypt0r and Wana DeCrypt0r) is encrypting files and changing the extensions to: .wnry, .wcry, .wncry and .wncrypt.  The malware then presents a window to the user with a ransom demand.

The ransomware spreads rapidly, like a worm, by exploiting a Windows vulnerability in the Windows Server Message Block (SMB) service, which Windows computers use to share files and printers across local networks. Microsoft addressed the issue in its MS17-010 bulletin.

Analysis seems to confirm that the attack was launched using suspected NSA code leaked by a group of hackers known as the Shadow Brokers. It uses a variant of the ShadowBrokers APT EternalBlue Exploit (CC-1353). It uses strong encryption on files such as documents, images, and videos.


How Do I Stay Protected?

1. Update all Windows environments as described in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-010.

2. Whitelist any kill switch domains related to this attack.

3. Update your endpoint software to ensure you have the latest protections for this threat.

4. Ensure you are running advanced ransomware protection

5. Make sure your System Backup.

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 *All new features are limited to Windows PC users only. Mac features coming Fall 2017

Ransomware Protection

Uses commercial-grade technology to protect from known and zero-day ransomware attacks.


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System Network and Design Reviews

amazon ratings By wilmonte on November 03, 2016

Wireless Home Network Setup Verified Purchase
Mr. Peck was very professional and completely thorough. He explained everything in terms I could understand. Thank you for connecting me with him.

amazon ratings By thomascain on May 27, 2016

Data Backup to External Drive – In Home Setup Verified Purchase
Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, a class act in customer service.

amazon ratings By thomascain on May 27, 2016

Virus and Spyware Removal In Home – PC Verified Purchase
The technician was courteous and efficient and in my opinion went beyond what I expected, will definetly use this company again.

amazon ratings By Deb on February 27, 2016

Wireless Device Printing Setup – 1 to 3 Devices Verified Purchase
There were several gitches in this process, but everything worked out great in the end, and I was very happy with System Network and Design. First a faulty product was shipped and Harrison with SN&D spent several hours trying to get it to work. I ended up returning the product and ordering a replacement that was quickly shipped and received. Then a series of setup appointments were scheduled and then rescheduled by SN&D because they were waiting to receive confirmation from Amazon that my replacement order had been received and was ready for setup. All this time, I was clearing my schedule each time I got a new appointment notice, only to get a notice of cancellation at the last minute, with a new date/time confirmed. This happened three times before I got irritated and contacted SN&D to ask why they kept canceling and rescheduling appointments. Amazon needs to fix that part of the process. But all is fine now, because my replacement printer has been set up and works beautifully. System Network and Design (Harrison) was great through the whole process. I really like that Amazon works with independent installers to arrange setup of new products for a very reasonable price. But the follow-through communications on returns/replacements/product delivery confirmation needs to be improved by Amazon.

amazon ratings By Amazon Customer on January 28, 2016

Wireless Home Network Setup Verified Purchase
Harrison was wonderful. He was determined to straighten out the mess I made of my network with 3 computers and a wireless printer. He was polite, personable, proficient, and professional. Living alone, I am always leery of having a stranger come over. Harrison set me at ease with a minute. Thank you, Harrison. Thank you,, Amazon.

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