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Chain Free BDR Solution

How Replibit Works

Replibit captures chain-free backups of servers at predetermined intervals, including data, operating system, applications, and system configurations. The system replicates those images to either the eFolder Cloud or to a private cloud. Businesses have multiple recovery options in the event of a server failure or site-wide disaster, including recovery in the cloud. In the event of a site-wide disaster, client servers can be virtualized in the eFolder Continuity Cloud.

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Increased reliability with revolutionary chain-free backup technology

Automated Screenshot Verification cuts labor costs

FastFlash™ SSD storage technology for fast system recoveries

Flexible vaulting, to eFolder or to yourself

Deep ConnectWise integration for ease of management

Features | Highlights


Chain-free, image-based backup software

Increase reliability and reduce labor costs, with chain-free backup technology


Industry-leading Replibit BDR Appliances

With FastFlash SSD storage technology, Replibit leads the industry with a 50x speed advantage during system recoveries


Cloud replication and storage in the eFolder Cloud

eFolder delivers massive scale and generous amounts of included cloud storage


Flexible deployment and vaulting options

Replibit BDR appliances or build your own; private cloud or SaaS; big installations or small


Automated screenshot verification

Verified, so you count on it. Automated, so you save.


Global Management Portal and  integration

Keep your promises and cut labor costs through automated global management and billing and ticketing integration


The Replibit Platform


Replibit BDR Appliances



Key Technologies

Chain-Free Backup

Eliminates broken, unusable backup chains and labor-intensive reseeding of data. Significantly reduces management costs and ensures the integrity of your clients’ backups.

FastFlash SSD Storage

The Replibit BDR appliances deliver up to 50 times faster performance for system recoveries. Server-grade performance and durability at a fraction of the cost of enterprise SSDs.

DuraBit™ Storage Technology

Found only in our Replibit BDR appliances, DuraBit delivers five layers of data protection and redundancy, the highest standard in the industry.


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