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First Mac ransomware spotted

MARCH 7, 2016 | BY THOMAS REED   #CyberCriminals #CyberSecurity  #Malware  #Ransomware #ManagedServicesProvider Apple quietly added detection of something called “KeRanger” to the XProtect anti-malware definitions in OS X on Saturday. It was revealed on Sunday by Claud Xiao of Palo Alto Networks that KeRanger is the first real Mac ransomware, and it’s not just theoretical. It’s in the wild. According to Xiao, the Transmission app – a BitTorrent client – was infected to include this ransomware. The infected app was distributed from the official Transmission website, but with a different code signature than the normal one previously used to sign […]


The impact from fire, flood, or theft can be huge. Managed Continuity protects your data and your business through three individual services: #ManagedITServices  #RemoteManagementServices AVAILABILITY MONITORING Anti-virus, connectivity and back-up Regular reports and health checks Keeps you connected   RECOVERY MANAGEMENT Data, archive and continuity services Vulnerability and virus management Gets you up and running   SYSTEMS RISK CONSULTING Quarterly risk audit Planning and testing Reduces risk Our affordable, cost-effective service saves you time and money. To find out how, contact us today Business Owners, Call Now For Immediate Support: 404-590-1763

Is your business network really safe and secure from viruses & threats?

For less than the price of a cup of coffee a day, we’ll improve your security and give you greater security insight. #ManagedITServices #RemoteManagementServices Keeping You Up & Running with a Daily Safety Check™ We take a completely different approach than other support companies in this city. Rather than waiting for you to discover problems and call us, we’re proactive and find small problems before they become big calamities – saving you hours of downtime and frustration.   We have a low-cost, entry level ‘Daily Safety Check’ service we already provide to many similar sized companies locally.  By using this […]

Understanding Managed Services

#ManagedServices #MSP #NetworkManagement #ITmanagedservicesprovider #ManagedITServices The buzzword relating to IT Support is “Managed Services”, and every day more and more businesses are jumping on the bandwagon. But what does managed services actually mean and how can you tell if an IT Support company is not just using the word as a marketing tool, but is in fact only offering “flat rate” services packaged as “managed services”? As a definition, Managed Services allows a business to offload IT operations to a service provider, known as a Managed Services Provider. The managed service provider assumes an ongoing responsibility for 24-hour monitoring, managing […]

Tech Support Scammers Bring Back FakeAV

APRIL 22, 2016 | BY JÉRÔME SEGURA    #ManagedServices   #MSP #Antivirus Some of you may remember the golden age of rogue antivirus software (AKA FakeAV) circa 2008. These programs that were often pushed via aggressive advertising and bundlers were designed to look like security scanners. However, they were stuffed with intentional fake detections for all sorts of Trojans and Worms. The business model was simple but yet effective. By using scare tactics to trick people into believing their computers were severely infected, the crooks were able to make millions of dollars selling license keys for the bogus software. Fast forward to 2016 and […]

Why should I use an IT Managed Services Provider?

IT Managed Services for SMBs                                     #ManagedServices   #MSP   #NetworkManagement #ITmanagedservicesprovider  #ManagedITServices #ManagedServicesProvider One question consistently asked by our clients is, “Why should we use your Managed Services?”  Many of these clients perceive that it would be better and more cost effective for them just to contact us as their technology issues arise.  It is a common misconception that having their technology under a Managed Services agreement is like insurance and that they would be paying for something they may or may not use.  […]

Supercharge Your Sales Processes

16 years of experience Trusted expertise Over 25,000 satisfied customers and growing. Flip icon Trusted expertise In today’s rapidly-evolving IT world, reliability, security and scalability are key to any SMB’s success. We work closely with our customers to ensure they receive the best support they need to keep their business running smoothly.

Steps to protect against the Locky virus

#AdvancedThreatProtection  #Antivirus #LockyVirus A new ransomware named “Locky” has been spreading to users around the globe. According to recent reports, massive volumes of JavaScript attachments are being spammed out that contain dangerous ransomware. We recommend taking the following additional precautions to protect your install base:  Make sure your mail protection solution is blocking macro-enabled documents and .js scripts Ensure that you have blocked user access to downloading Tor by blacklisting the following URL: (the Locky virus in particular relies on downloading and installing the Tor browser and some versions may use Tor to contact the command and control servers) Block […]

Office 365 after a year: Worth it or not?

I’ve been relying on the #Office365 Midsize Business subscription for just over a year now. After a baker’s dozen of months, I thought it would be a good time to review the good and bad of this service, especially for those of you considering jumping into the Office 365 ecosystem. Before I get started, let’s set the stage. First, and most important, you should know I pay for my own subscription. I didn’t get any “press favors” with this thing. I signed up like a regular business customer and pay for it like a regular business customer. With subscriptions for […]

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